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Zahira College Colombo, the premier Muslim educational institution in Sri Lanka with a current student population of over 5000, is gearing itself to launch a colourful and fun-filled walk on Saturday, the 05th of August, 2017 at the college premises, 7.30am onwards.

This mega event is being meticulously planned by the OBA, with the collaboration of all affiliated groups under one umbrella to foster a sense of camaraderie among all participants to walk hand in hand and exhibit an unflinching loyalty to their Alma Mater. It is noteworthy to observe that, all affiliated groups numbering over 30 bodies, have extended their unstinted support and cooperation to make this epic event a truly memorable one. 

The organizing committee has printed T-Shirts, Caps, Souvenirs, and Shawls for the ladies, as memorabilia for the Walk. The proposed parade will proceed from the College entrance, through T.B.Jayah Mawatha, Lipton Circle, Horton Place, Borella junction and finally to Borella – Maradana road, before returning to the College premises. Zahira Walk 2017 will cover a distance of nearly 6 km. The story of Zahira is the triumph of the human mind over all obstacles. When the circumstances were hostile for Muslim students to pursue English education during the colonial era, three visionaries by the names of M.C. Siddi Lebbe, A.M. Wappiche Marikar, and I.L.M. Abdul Aziz came forward and founded Al Madrasathul Zahira in 1892. As a testimony of the predecessors’ far-sighted vision and the missionary zeal, today Zahira is in her prime and has become the ‘Radiating Centre of Islamic Thought and Activity’ in Sri Lanka.

What better way to commemorate its achievements in the sphere of education and other co-curricular activities, especially in the field of sports, than orchestrating the Zahira Walk 2017 to showcase its dynamism and perseverance in pursuit of excellence.

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