Simple Interview Tips to Follow

Almost everyone at leaset once in their life time will have to face a job interview. It’s a very unique experience with fun, happiness, heartbeat or frustration mixed. A successful interview will open a new life to us & following are some tips to succeed in interviews.

Let’s move on.

Vigorous boom in the global industry of E – Sports

E-sports is a vigorously flourishing global industry where proficient video gamers play competitively in the same way, traditional sports are played. Electronic sports, more commonly known as “E-Sports,” have transformed the concept of online gaming into an observer sport. The experience the viewer goes through is similar to watching a professional sporting event, except for …

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Distribution of Dry Ration to Old Boys

The OBA has a longstanding tradition of helping and assisting the college not only in the developmental aspect but also in promoting affinity and fraternity among its old members. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic …