Batch of 2000 Ifthar

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The Batch of 2000 (B2K), hosted its traditional annual Ifthar on Monday, 26th of April 2021 at the Marine Grand Banquet Hall. This is one of the most participated event of the Batch where all members are eagerly waiting for. 

This annual event has bonded the batch mates together as all resources are within the Batch, including the Bayan , Dua and Mahrib prayers are conducted through it’s own Moulavi’s.B2K’s promise is to Rise Together with all it’s Batch Mates to see everyone grow and march together. 

With renewed hopes and aspirations, B2K engaged in pursuing this year’s Ifthar with much dedication and enthusiasm in which all brothers were seen engaged tirelessly and taking every effort in making this event memorable with a participation of more than imaginable.

Unity has always been the strength and was able to beat all evil eyes with its strength. 

Iftar 2021 was the first event of B2K after the AGM. With the greater success of the Iftar, The President and the Executive committee would march towards its calendar projects such as Annual Cricket Encounter, Batch Trip, Sadaqa and Zakath with few identified Fund Raising activities.

May Allah Bless us all.

Mohamed Hazmil Hamdoon
General Secretary at Batch of 2000

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