Family Sports Day 2022

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The Annual Family Sports day of the Group of 87 was held at Colombo Malay Cricket Club Grounds, on the 20th of February 2022. It was attended by a large number of members of the group and their family.

Following are the list of members who honored the invitation and took part in the event.

Irfan Laffir
Nislan Nouman & Family
Infiyaz Farook and Family
Riza Hamit & Family
Ishamdeen Jamaldeen
Zabith Yoosuf and Family
Sadoor Wahid & Family
Irshad Thahir
T.O Farook & Family
Navrooze Rawoof

Isham Ghouse
Sahibo Hameed & Family
Affan Ameerdeen & Family
Mumtaz Rahman
Haleem Hashimdeen
Shiraz Nazeer & Family
Ifham & Family
Siyaz Jaleel & Son
Shaharan & Family

Abdullah Zulfikar & Family
Imran Thaam & Family
MNM Imthiyaz & Family
Firzan Kareem’s Family
Hafiz Mansoor
Rishan Noordeen & Family
Iffam & Family
MHM Hisham & Kids
Irfan Zarook

Rilwan Zubair & Kids
Azad Kromodoyo & Kids
Zahir & Sons
Riyaz & Family
Refai Cader’s Son & Daughter

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