129th Founders Day Celebration

129th Founders Day Celebration of Zahira College,Colombo

COLOMBO — The Batch of 2011 (Old Boys)  Zahira College Colombo had  organized an virtual event to mark the 129th Founders Day  Celebration of Zahira College  recently.     The event was live streamed on Social Media across the channels belonging to the School. Five distinguished Old Boys who excelled in their respective field were present to …

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NEXGEN 2021 – Life After A/L’s

Next Gen - 2021

In this world, nothing could create an utmost satisfaction than sharing the experience towards the growth of the younger generation, guiding them towards the correct path, and looking at their success. We came out, we struggled, we failed, we worked hard we learned and we raised. It’s our responsibility to guide the Next Generation to …

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What HR Thinks!

In a parallel universe we interviewed the Interviewers. We went inside their wisdom and searched for what are the answers they are expecting in an interview. So we interviewed leading HR Professionals in the country. We asked them what are the answers they are expecting in an interview. It’s interesting. Let’s check What HR thinks. …

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Simple Interview Tips to Follow

Almost everyone at leaset once in their life time will have to face a job interview. It’s a very unique experience with fun, happiness, heartbeat or frustration mixed. A successful interview will open a new life to us & following are some tips to succeed in interviews.

Let’s move on.