Meelad Un ‘Nabi Day 2023

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The Islamic Society of Zahira College , which has demonstrated its ability to successfully conduct an All-Island School competition with participation from over 1000 students representing nearly 60 Muslim schools , organized the Meedlad Un’ Nabi Day on Saturday, the 14 th of October, at Ghaffoor Hall.

The event commenced with a captivating Qaseeda performed by the Islamic Society of Zahira College, which enthralled the audience with its melodious voice and spellbinding performance.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Major N.T. Nasumutheen, Director of Education – Muslim Schools Development Branch at the Ministry of Education.

The keynote speech was delivered by Sheikh Abdul Haleem Sharqi. He eloquently emphasized the importance of Prophet Muhammad in Islam and his teachings, which emphasize compassion, justice, morality, and guidance for over a billion Muslims worldwide. He also highlighted the Prophet’s life, exemplifying humility, kindness, and a
commitment to social justice. He concluded by reminding the audience of the recognition in the book “100 Most Influential People in the World” where the author, Michael H. Hart, selected Prophet Muhammad as the number one most influential person in the world.

Mr. Trizviiy Marikkar, the principal, outlined the admirable work done by the College’s Islamic Society. He highlighted the meticulous two-month preparation that went into organizing Meelad ‘Un Nabi Day’s competition on a grand scale. Mr. Marikkar also explained that in collaboration with the Board of Governors (BOG), a prize fund of LKR 250,000 was awarded to the winning team, with LKR 150,000 and LKR 100,000 respectively given to the second and third-placed teams.

Major N.T. Nasumutheen spoke at length about the educational challenges faced by the Muslim community. He lamented the fact that only 2 to 3% of Muslim students gain admission to state universities and emphasized the significance of education to the Muslim community. He opined that education empowers minds, broadens horizons,
fosters critical thinking, and fuels progress. It is the key to unlocking potential, breaking barriers, and building a brighter future.

Mr. Fouzul Hameed, the Chairman of the BOG, also addressed the students and encouraged them to lead exemplary lives with strong religious values.

The event was further enhanced by captivating and spirited performances, creating an atmosphere of sheer enchantment for both parents and guests alike.

Board of Governors Secretary Alavi Mukthar, Board Members Naina Mohammed and Sarfaz Saleem, OBA President Shiraz, OBA Editor Muzammil, EXCO members Falul, Mashood and Sarfaz Sally were present at the event.

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