Zahira OBA celebrates 102nd Year

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The 102nd Annual General Meeting of Zahira College Colombo OBA – a milestone in itself to commemorate over 100 years in service excellence – was held on 19th March 2023, at the iconic Ghaffor Hall. The AGM was presided over by Mr. Alavi Mukthar.

The meeting commenced with the customary recital of Qirath by Mowlavi M.T.A.Ariff and then followed by the sequences of College Anthem, recitation of dua in memory of all the deceased members. This was followed by reading the notice and minutes of the previous meeting as well as the Annual Report of 2022 and the adoption of the Audited Report which was circulated among the members.

The outgoing President, Mr. Alavi Mukthat was appreciative and recognized the hard work and efforts of all executive members for their unwavering commitment and contribution made to the OBA to carry out the activities entrusted to them in order to achieve remarkable success.

The Presiding Officer, Mr.Malik Hannan, expertly conducted the proceedings. It is pertinent to mention that after many eons, this time, all the office bearers of the executive committee were elected unanimously without a contest. This clearly manifests how the general members have reposed their unwavering confidence to the new office bearers for the betterment of the Alma mater.

The newly appointed President Mr. N.M.Shiraz thereupon profusely thanked all the members for electing him as the President of the OBA. He thanked the outgoing President for having done an outstanding job and assured everyone that he would continue the good work in letter and spirit. He further underscored the importance of unity among fellow Zahirians and urged everyone to help fellow Zahirians and collectively work for the betterment of Mother Zahira.

Being the tech-savvy professional marketer that he is, Mr. Shiraz’s digital presentation titled: Success Plan – “Together we can win”, captured the audience’s attention with illustrations, slides, and snazzy visuals. The presentation consisted of an action plan, SWOT analysis, strategic moves, key challenges, and a proposed solution. He underlined the significance of identifying the right people and grooming them to become good leaders of the future.

All in all, AGM was successfully conducted at Zahira, one of the oldest schools in the country with a heritage of over 130 years.

The following Office – bearers were then elected to the OBA Executive council for the year 2023.



Vice Presidents:

1.M.Rafeek Buhary

2.Mohamed Cassim

3.Jisty Fawmy (Co Opted at the 1st Ex Co Meeting)

Hony. Gen. Secretary  

Nuzri Munsoor

Hony. Asst. Secretary    

Ifras Kamil

Hony. Treasurer            

Haaziq Jaleel

Hony. Asst. Treasurer   

Hussain Azad

Hony.  Internal Auditor 

Rishad Raheem (Co Opted at the 1st Ex Co Meeting)

Hony. Editor           

A.M.M. Muzammil

Hony. Sports Secretary

M.F. Marso

Hony. Social & Welfare Secretary 

Farzan Shabdeen

Hony. Information & Technology Secretary

Fathhi Mohamed (Co Opted at the 1st Ex Co Meeting)

Hony. Coordinator for Affiliated Bodies

Jawfer Us Saadiq

Executive Committee Members

            1          A.L. Anver

            2          F.M.Nazrullah

            3          Fariz Nilamdeen

            4          Ilham Shiraz

            5          M. A. A. Rusney

            6          M. Ashroff Rumi

            7          M. Azhar Salahudeen

            8          M.B. Aufer Johar

            9          M.M.M. Nawshad

            10        Mohamed Shafraz Salley

Below Members were Co Opted at the 1st Ex Co Meeting

            11        M.H.M. Falul

            12        M.B.M. Mashood

            13        Hilal Sanoon

            14        Rizmie Samsudeen

            15        M.R.A. Razak

Ex Officio                  

BOG Reps

Fouzul Hameed

Naina Mohamed

Safraz Saleem

Past President

M. Alavi Mukthar

The Admin

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