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In a parallel universe we interviewed the Interviewers. We went inside their wisdom and searched for what are the answers they are expecting in an interview. So we interviewed leading HR Professionals in the country. We asked them what are the answers they are expecting in an interview.

It’s interesting. Let’s check What HR thinks.

Q1) Introduce Your Self

You know many things, but the moment they ask to introduce yourself, you get panic and won’t say anything properly. So why really do they ask this question?

Because Interviewer needs to know how you pitch yourself. When answering this question, they will check your personality and community skills. But don’t memorize the answer. HR people know the difference between memorized answers and real answers. So don’t memorize but have points in your mind about what to say.

So what actually need to say? Well, first of all don’t say anything about your family, your favorite color or favorite drink or pet name. Also don’t say the same details in the CV. Interviewer expects something more than the CV.

You can start with basic introduction like name and age then follow it by qualifications. Say how you applied your knowledge and experience in practical world situations. If you have engaged in team projects, say how you worked as a team and helped each other. If you have leadership experience, say how you lead people.

Q2) How much salary are you expecting?

If we don’t have a job, our main goal is to get a job anyhow. In this situation when we get a job which pays less than we want, we say yes and join without thinking of the side effects we will face in the future.

You have to stop this.

Because after getting the job you will be unhappy. You will have financial issues because you are paid less and will be worried more. You will start to have financial and family problems. And you can’t easily change your job now because you already might have a contract.

An unhappy employee is a liability to the company. It will affect your performance. So the expert view is, when this question is asked, say how much you really want.

If the company can offer more, they will offer. If they can’t, they will negotiate. But say the real amount you want is important.

Q3) Why should we hire you?

Well in this question you have to market yourself how suitable you are to the job. You can say how your experience, skills and knowledge will help you in the job. Avoid boasting. Adjust your answers according to the company and the vacancy.

Follow these practical world guidance on how the Interviewers think during an interview and face your next interview more confidently.


Our Special thanks to
  • Fathima Rakshana (HR Professional)
  • Kresha Naomi (Dish Serve)
  • Hamna Hyder (Gapstars)
  • Sabry Ashraff (Aeturnum)
            for sharing their expert view on interview preparation.

Let’s meet with another interesting facts in September.

Abdul Baasith
Co-Founder at Lurk.lk

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