NEXGEN 2021 – Life After A/L’s

Next Gen - 2021
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In this world, nothing could create an utmost satisfaction than sharing the experience towards the growth of the younger generation, guiding them towards the correct path, and looking at their success.

We came out, we struggled, we failed, we worked hard we learned and we raised. It’s our responsibility to guide the Next Generation to build a sustainable career in the corporate world. Hence, we came forward to train our prefects’ to uplift their leadership skills towards their growth, by providing leadership training programs in various concepts such as college duties, organizing an event, and how to assist on college management process we believe this could be achieved.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have conducted virtual and physical sessions in line with these criteria’s…
The inspiring factor of the program is all the facilitators are Past Prefects. We have been training the younger generation with corporate leaders and sharing their worthy experience, life lesson to build a sustainable career. By this session our main objective is to provide an overview of the career path along with proper leadership qualities.

NEXGEN is something more than guiding.

On this account, the recent NexGen Physical workshop was successfully conducted on 18th of July 2021.
Our primary objective is to focus on 2020/2021 Senior prefect who have completed their advanced level examination.

The program was facilitated by our distinguished past prefects’ Mr. Shahey Faleel, Mr. Fathi Mohamed, and Dr. Shafraz Saleem who shared their experience with our college prefects’. Chairman Board of Governors Mr. Fouzul Hameed College Principal Mr. Trizviiy Marikkar, and Prefects’ of discipline Mr.Muhsin Ariff participated as special invitees.

A project organized by the Past Prefects’ Association of Zahira College.

Leadership Continues!!!

Glimpse of the event.
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