Blessings Invoked – An Interfaith Prayer Session

In its most basic sense, Interfaith is when people or groups from different religions come together. Interfaith cooperation includes atheists and agnostics, and people of no faith as well. Interfaith cooperation is the consciousness of bringing together people from diverse religious, spiritual, and ethical beliefs. Interfaith dialogue, Interfaith-based action, and Interfaith-based outreach are different forms …

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ZAHIRA, A Temple of Tolerance

Going to school has always been about waking up in the morning, rushing to school, studying for six long hours or more at a stretch, having the mandatory intervals in between, and yearning for the last bell to ring to rush back home. Is that all that going to school is about? As a matter …

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Decade’s Journey To Maligawatte

Zahira College during the golden era of Mahroom Azeez, was known as ” A radiating centre for Islamic thought”. During late 1970’s, the standard of education fell down drastically due to various reasons. During this bleak period, specifically in 2006, we stepped into the college with a vision to make Zahira, a truly great institution …

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