Life After A/L – 2021

OBA organized a virtual online session titled “Life after A/L”, primarily for the students who have failed A/L, in order to motivate them.
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The OBA, in collaboration with other stakeholders, is keen to focus on a “Career Guidance” programme to formulate a road map that will greatly benefit students. 

The primary objectives is to provide guidance and counseling to students for further education and choice of career planning as well as support and empower the students to make career decisions in accordance with their interests, abilities, potentialities and orientations.

Literally, OBA’s part is akin to “horses for courses”.  In other words, guide the students and ensure that they choose the path that is right for them, focus on their individual needs and help a student realise and pursue his dream. 

In this backdrop, OBA organized a virtual online session titled “Life after A/L”, primarily for the students who have failed A/L, in order to motivate them to re-sit the exam again. The programme was conducted on Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 7.45 – 9pm.

The distinguished panelists comprised of Mr. Dilshad Jiffry – COO- Bristol Institute of Business Management, Mr. Fazal Ahmed- Director Agricom Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Fathhi Mohamed- Co-Founder- DishServe, YOHO and PickMe, Dr. ZackyHaniffa –MBBS, MD, FRCP (London), Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Hafeez Rajudin , Phd – President –SLICM, Chairman- EEC and a member of BOG  as a Moderator and Mr. Nuzri Mansoor , General Secretary of OBA as a Host.

Mr. Dilshad Jiffry, Mr. Fazal Ahmed, Mr. Fathhi Mohamed, Dr. ZackyHaniffa Dr. Hafeez Rajudin, Mr. Nuzri Mansoor

As a prelude to the online session, the Principal, Mr. TriizvyMarikkar urged the students to get maximum benefit from the panelists to chart their career paths. As OBA is more concerned about the students who failed A/L, in order to facilitate and assist the students, the principal outlined 3 options:

Firstly, to those who are having a doubt about the result to go through the “Re-Correction Process” to seek redress. The second attempt students to pursue their studies with determination and if necessary, the college will conduct a “Repeater Class” to help them to pass the examination. As statistics has revealed that, 71 % of second attempt students have passed the exam and was successful. Lastly, the Principal classified the average students as those who have not failed but instead were not up to the expectations to enter the state universities. To those average students, the Principal reiterated the career paths that are available and mentors will assist and guide them on this virtual session.

Host, Mr. Nuzri then invited the Moderator, Dr. Hafeez Rajudin to chair the session. Dr. Hafeez introduced the aforesaid panelists, the distinguished old Zahirians who have excelled in their professions and reached the pinnacle of success through perseverance and session commenced afterwards on positive mode, as how we should look life after A/L.

The panelists’ inspirational messages and guidance were noteworthy. Almost, all the panelists were highly concern of the students and the problems they faced. They not only instilled confidence but also motivated the students in right perspective.

The panelists also stressed the fact that failure is not end of life as options and opportunities are endless and encouraged the students to come out of comfort zone and think out of the box in their mindsets. Students too were advised not to waste time as there are many online universities and over 1000 courses to pursue. With self-discipline, will power and dreams, students can plan their career path to the highest level. 

Moreover, all the panelists unanimously agreed that the students should devise an action plan / study plan / time plan and implement methodically in order to achieve success. Panelists also assured the students their unstinted support and gave their mobile numbers to contact them individually for further guidance and counseling.

Chairman of BOG, Mr. Fouzul Hameed and OBA President, Mr. Alavi Mukthar too underlined the importance of the session.

The skilful manner, through which Dr. Hafeez Rajudin handled the session bilingually as a moderator, with ease and equanimity, is highly commendable.

Equal praise goes to the secretary of the OBA, Mr. Nuzri, who was the livewire in organizing the session. The response from participants was overwhelming, with around 75 students participating in the session. 

In summary, it was an animated session, and with the help of all the stakeholders involved, we managed to help motivate the students and steer them towards the right path with a sense of optimism. 

Last but by no means least, credit should go to Mr. Fouzul Hameed, Chairman of Board of Governors, whose vision it was to make this happen.

Majeed Muzammil

Fellow of the Institute of Management (UK) and Diploma holder in Journalism (UK). Author of the book, "Agony of Bosnia". Ex- Project Manager of the Gulf Catering in the Middle East.

Currently freelancing at a leading Muslim NGO in Colombo.



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